LMH Equipment Donations

Equipment Donations to Lady Minto Hospital on Salt Spring Island

For many years, the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society has donated funds for medical equipment and furniture purchases at the hospital.  Each piece of equipment, appliance and furniture must meet Vancouver Island Health Authority Standards (VIHA).  Over the last 8 years, equipment has included special geriatric chairs, mattresses, televisions, over-bed tables, fluid warmer, sleeper chair for visitors, Theracair mattress, cardiac monitor, stretchers, bedpan washer and wheelchairs.

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The LMH Auxiliary funded the purchase of 21 replacement televisions at a cost of over $26,000.  These flat-screen televisions are equipped with special heavy-duty arms that are easier for both patients and staff to move around as needed.

As well the LMH Auxiliary funded a special table ($1,214) with four different table height settings for the ECU common room.  It makes it easier for residents of differing heights to be seated comfortably as well as residents who are wheelchair bound.  It also funded two washable armchairs with adjustable height legs ($607).


The Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society donated 10 Overbed tables ($4,260) and 10 Bedside Cabinets ($4,044)  for use in the Acute Care Unit.


In 2014, our auxiliary donated a special bath stretcher($18,074) to make it safer and easier to give the residents of the Extended Care Unit baths, and roller shades for rooms in the Acute Care wing ($5,203) .



Last year the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society donated a storage shed ($1,457) to support maintenance of the garden used by residents of the Extended Care Unit.


In 2012, the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society donated a ROHO Selectair Max Mattress System ($10,783.50)  used for therapeutic for pressure relief and five 13” HCI LCD TVs ($4,504.50) for use in the Extended Care resident rooms at Lady Minto Hospital.


In 2011, the auxiliary donated a Meiko bedpan washer disinfector ($13,492.70).  It makes changing bedpans quicker and more sanitary for the nursing staff.  As well, 3 wheelchairs ($5,200) were provided that are suitable for daily use by ECU residents.


In 2010, the auxiliary donated a Theracair Mattress, 25 lightweight, washable comforters, a Phillips brand cardiac monitor for use in the emergency room and 2 stretchers (Total $51, 787.27).  The Theracair mattress is used for patients who have very limited mobility.  It is much more comfortable for them and helps avoid pressure sores.


In 2009, the auxiliary donated geriatric chairs and a maternity bed (Total $26,895.65).  The maternity bed is highly manoeuvrable and has many features to help both the mother-to-be and the nursing staff.  The same year, the auxiliary also donated a TV and sleeper chair for family use in the ECU Palliative Care Suite (Total $3,253.57).

2008 and 2007

In 2008, a special dishwasher suitable for use in a hospital was provided for the Extended Care Unit (ECU) in order to help clear up after tea time and other occasions.

In 2007, the auxiliary donated a special Sterling brand geriatric chair ($2,431.75), a Level 1 Rapid Fluid Infuser ($21,154.73), mattresses and commodes ($61,002.85), 10 TV’s for the Extended (Complex) Care Unit along with over-bed tables ($22,061.70).


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