G/B Therapy Programs

The Auxiliary supports music, art and exercise therapy programs at Greenwoods and Braehaven residences.

At Greenwoods, the art therapist provides 5 activity sessions/programs per week covering art therapy programs on 3 different week days.Highly skilled facilitators conduct the other therapy programs. Exercise programs are provided every weekday. Music facilitators provide therapy programs every weekday including “Making Music”, “Dulcimer Music”, “Relaxing Rhythms” as well the popular Bell Choir practice twice weekly.


At Braehaven, the art therapist conducts a painting program once per week as well as a weekly craft program.  Therapy facilitators also conduct exercise programs twice a week,
weekly dulcimer music, “Making Music” twice weekly and twice weekly bell choir programs.

In 2015, the Auxiliary donated $59,963. to support these programs.




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