G/B Capital Donations

Besides supporting therapy programs and many activities at the Greenwoods Eldercare Society facilities, the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society has supported major facility improvements and significant medical equipment purchases over the last 8 years.

Scroll down this page for descriptions of these donations and to view pictures.


Recent equipment donations (total $31,154) include:

2 Floorline Low Profile Beds ($11,395)Floorline Bed

2 Pressure Relieving Mattresses ($7,194)

Picture shows Floorline Bed with Pressure Relieving Mattress

Multi-function Wheelchair Scale ($5,100)

Wheelchair Scale

Bed Monitor Systems ($1,820)

5 Overbed Tables ($1,255)

New drapes for the Resident Rooms ($4,190)


Equipment donations in 2015 (total $29,248) included:

Wheelchair Washer ($12, 302)

2 Floorline Low Hospital Beds ($9,679)



Pressure Relieving Mattresses ($3,324.)  and 2 ROHO seat Pads ($1,590)








Liko Scale for Lifts ($1,513)  and Nomin Oximeter ($840)



In 2014, our auxiliary donated 2 overhead Lifts ($16, 260), additional Slings to use with overhead lifts ($16,260),

a Sit to Stand Lift ($5,617),

Blinds for the Dining Room ($2,030), a vital signs BP machine ($1,295) and a suction machine ($1,035).


Ceiling Lift Systems, Chairs and Surgical Beds 

In 2013, the auxiliary donated 6 Ceiling (Overhead) Lift Systems with slings ($28,224)


As well, resident lounge chairs ($7,000) and 3 Stryker surgical beds ($6,272 each totalling $18,8160) were donated by the auxiliary.

Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen at Greenwoods provides meals for residents in both Greenwoods and Braehaven facilities and for the Salt Spring Island Meals on Wheels program.  In 2013, the auxiliary donated a convection oven ($4,758) that is used for baking and a commercial meat slicer ($1,317).

Bathing System

 In 2012, the auxiliary was very pleased to donate $28,608 to cover the cost of a new bathing system that includes a recumbent bathing system (soaker tub) with jet-air spa system & hand-held shower wand, a Miranti Lift Bath Trolley and other specialized equipment to improve the bathing facilities.  This new “spa” is very popular with both the residents and day facility users.

Elopement and Fall Prevention System

As part of the elopement and fall prevention system, each bed in the Garden Lounge is fitted with a detector under the bottom sheet and an alarm that sounds when the occupant gets up out of bed during the night.   This alarm alerts staff members to assist the resident in need and prevents the use of physical restraints.

Vital Signs Monitor

 In 2011, the auxiliary donated funds to purchase a Welch Allen Mobile Spot Vital Signs Monitor valued at over $4,500 that is used throughout Greenwoods regularly by the medical staff.  It replaced another 10 year old monitor that was no longer reliable.

Pressure Management Mattresses

Also in 2011, the auxiliary donated funds to purchase three pressure management mattresses each valued at over $7,500.  These mattresses are used for residents who can no longer reposition themselves in bed, are more comfortable for residents and help prevent bed sores.  Heated air is continuously pumped into these mattresses and is constantly adjusted to change the pressure beneath the resident.

Special Chairs

In 2010, the Auxiliary donated 3 “Comfort Chairs” suitable for less mobile residents.  These resident chairs are fitted with one-way sliders to prevent residents from sliding down the chairs and to assist staff when re-positioning residents. The auxiliary donated 25 of these sliders in 2010.  As well, 2 motorized recliners were provided in 2011.

In 2009, the Auxiliary provided funds for an elopement prevention system, a blanket warmer and permanent sun shelters in the inner courtyard.

 Main Lounge

In 2008, the auxiliary donated $20,000 to support improvements to the Main Lounge at Greenwoods where residents relax and take part in many activities.  Earlier, the auxiliary provided funds to purchase many of the special upholstered chairs used in the lounge.

Activity Room

The activity room is located just off the main lounge and is used for many purposes including the art therapy programs that are funded by the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society.

Garden Lounge

In 2007, the auxiliary donated $30,000 towards establishment of this secure unit for residents with dementia.  Because of its special painted decor and grand picture windows that look out onto the garden, it is called the Garden Lounge.



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