LMH “Comfort and Care” Donations

“Comfort and care” donations made to the Lady Minto Hospital by the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society include:

  1. ECU Activity Co-ordinator Support
  2. Therapy Programs Funding
  3. Comfort Bags
  4. In-memorium Fund
  5. Flower and Plant Ladies

ECU Activity Co-ordinator Support

The Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary provides funds monthly to the auxiliary Extended Care Unit (ECU) volunteer co-ordinator to purchase special treats throughout the year, birthday gifts and cards for residents, flowers for planting in the patio area, Christmas gifts for each resident, and ensures that there is always an abundant supply of cookies for the residents for the Extended Care Unit.  The auxiliary funds the Family Christmas dinner and other special meals throughout the year.

Therapy Programs

In addition to volunteer support, the auxiliary provides funding for regular visits by an art therapist and a music therapist.  Both therapists are registered and certified by the Vancouver Island Health Authority to conduct the therapy programs for the ECU residents.  In 2016, the auxiliary donated $21,684. to support these therapy programs.

 Comfort Bags

 Auxiliary volunteers sew and fill “Comfort” bags for distribution by hospital staff to newly admitted patients.  Each comfort bag contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other items that patients can use when they are first admitted.

 In Memorium Fund

 In memory of deceased auxiliary volunteers, the auxiliary donates $2000 each year to support the ECU activity co-ordinator in the purchase of items such as newspapers, DVDs, games, etc. for ECU resident use.

Flower and Plant Ladies

Two auxiliary volunteers visit the hospital on Tuesdays and Fridays to water plants and tend to the bed-side vases of cut flowers in all the resident and patient rooms.


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