Scholarships & Bursaries


Two scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each are awarded annually to two graduates of the Gulf Islands Secondary School who are entering a Canadian post secondary college/university in a health care related field.

The award is given on the basis of academic standing, and community service.

Criteria for these scholarships are outlined in the Scholarship Application forms available from the Counselling Department of Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS).

More scholarship information is available on the GISS School District database.  Choose the “Health Care” focus area.

Youth (Junior) Volunteer Scholarship

Also, one scholarship in the amount of $1,000 can be awarded to a Youth (Junior) Volunteer who is entering a Canadian Post Secondary college/university in a Health Care Related Field, with criteria as set out in (GISS) scholarship application form.  A minimum of 50 hours of volunteer time is required and quality of service will be taken into consideration.

More scholarship information is available on the GISS School District database.  Choose the “Health Care” focus area and scroll down to Awards.

Continuing Education Bursaries

Two Continuing Education Bursaries in the amount of $2000. each are provided by the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary each year to two GISS graduates from the  Southern Gulf Islands who have completed high school at least 1 year ago and are completing  the first/second or subsequent year of their course of study in healthcare related fields.   All applications for these bursaries must be submitted by the end of March of the calendar year (April 3 in 2017).  Please contact Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS) Counselling Department for an application form.

“Back to School” Bursary

 The Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society recently introduced a “Back to School” Bursary to support a mature student from the Southern Gulf Islands who wishes to begin or resume a course of study in a health-care field.  Two bursaries will be offered this year, each valued at $2000. It will be awarded to an two individuals who left secondary school at least five years ago and who wish to obtain the skills needed to re-enter the work force at a higher level in a health-care field.   Application forms and criteria for awarding this bursary can be obtained by writing to the Scholarship Committee, Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Society, 202-338 Lower Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, B.C.  V8K 2V3.  Or click on the link below and print the application form.  These application forms are also available for pickup at the Thrift Shop front desk.  The Thrift Shop is located at the Upper Ganges Centre rear building next to the Driftwood office.  The deadline for submission of application forms is the end of March in the calendar year.

“Back to School” Bursary Application Form


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